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Fellow travelers interested in joining our Couchsailing trip can see descriptions of daily activity from last year on the Blog page of this site.

From 6. september the Doga will continue a journey along the Adriatic coast. It will be a leisurely trip, stopping at interesting towns and harbors each day. If you think you’d enjoy a bit of coast-hopping, Doga is looking for crew. You do not need to have any knowledge of sailing but a sense of humor, fast learning, curiosity and some spare time are necessary. You’ll need to arrange your own travel to and from the boat and make a modest contribution to onboard costs.

Boarding cities: Rijeka (Icici) or Cres

 For more information feel free to visit the Contact page of this site or to message me through mail:  hik@ri.t-com.hr.

Doga is a 35 ft aft cockpit masthead sloop. She has saloon, compact galley and sleeping accommodation in the forepeak cabin (2 person) two aft torpedo beds and two sleeping places in the saloon. She has a separate toilet and stern platform for easy boarding from the tender and swimming. There is a shower on the platform. I built her myself in 1990. One thing is certain: Life on board Doga is always lively and interesting.

Rachel 7067

I am a photographer with 30 years of experience. For the last 14 years I have traveled around the world, visiting 50 different countries to take pictures and write magazine articles for international publications. I participated in numerous expeditions and have been actively involved in sailing after participating in the Arctic Antarctic 1996 sailing expedition. It was the first expedition around the world from Arctic to Antarctic. We covered 40,000 miles in 37 months.   https://tupko.wordpress.com/expedition-arctic-antarctica/


Last year, I set sail with the crew of Couch sailing Croatia along with fellow sailors, who signed onto the trip through the Couch surfing online community. In addition to displaying some of my work and photography, this website will track my sailing trip through the North Adriatic in hopes of informing future couch sailors and surfers interested in jumping on board! Details from last year’s couch sailing can be viewed at: https://tupko.wordpress.com/


Sailing experience is not necessary but good mood is necessary. All participants will share all daily duties. Fortunately obligations is small and generally the most important obligations on board entertainment. If you’re overweight, you certainly can’t fit into some tight spaces. Please be honest with your age and appearance. People who come to me on a boat and I see that they lied about their age and appearance will be expelled. For me, appearance and age are not important but honesty and integrity are.

DSC_0019 Mia

On every trip there are certain costs. Daily cost is about twenty Euros (£17 approx 27$) per person. This covers food and mooring fees, gasoline but not beer/wine. On board are three meals a rule. One of the participants from last year, said: “Our kitchen deserves a 4 star”.


The bread baked on board.


On board there is only one cabin that can be closed. It is customary to use it by couples or girls.


You’ll need to make your own way to come to Croatia. There are plenty of low-fares airline companies that fly to the Croatian coast. The connection between the coastal towns is very good with buses or ferries to the Islands. Doga will sail from north to south and the places of embarkation on the ship will be: Icici (Rijeka), Zadar, Sibenik and Split. In case of bad weather, you will be notified in time where we will meet.


On the Adriatic Sea weather can be highly variable and you need to have clothes for hot and cold weather.

I have sailed these waters for 20 years and you will feel comfortable and safe.


 Bring normal holiday clothes plus something warm for cooler evenings, along with a waterproof coat.

A soft bag rather than a suitcase (no room to store them).

Sleeping sheet, sleeping bags. Pillows are provided.

Beach towel / hand towel

CD for radio.

Camera, camcorder, memory stick, cable, 12V chargers etc.

Books, we have some but more is better.

DSC_3568 DSC_3545

 Many ports have wifi so net access is not usually big problem. The skipper’s laptop won’t be available. 


What kind of company you can expect on board. So far on board were people of all ages, religions, colors, social and cultural status. This boat is a great place to exchange views on life and society in which we live. The most important thing that you must have is an open mind to accept the diversity of society on earth and on boat.


I hope to see you on board.


3 responses to “About Couchsailing

  1. We thoroughly enjoyed our week on the the Doga last May. Memories for a life time! We would totally do it again and WILL when our schedule allows it. Thanks to the Skipper Zelimir for sharing his life with us and thanks to the other young couch sailers that were with us. We had a blast. Check out my blog’s entries. http://www.sharichcouillard.blogspot.com and click on Croatia to see “the good times.”

    • Hi Chenee
      I am glad that you are interested to join us on board. For sailing is the best periods June, July and August for sailing and swimming. Day expenses are 20-25 euro Including food, gasoline, marinas. You can contact me on my mail hik@ri.t-com.hr or via Crewbay http://www.crewbay.com/profile-owner/6232
      When you decide to come and you know when you are coming and how long you’ll stay send me a message and I’ll put you in the calendar and therefore you will save a place on the board.
      If you have any questions feel free to ask.

      I have new page so you can see more at: http://hik098.wix.com/tupko#!couchsailing/cpgq

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